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The training staff at Ballplayer's Edge is dedicated to player development.

They have spent and continue to spend countless hours researching the latest training methods in baseball and softball.  Along with research, BPE's player development team provides unique age specific drills that focus on body positioning and muscle memory that can only be found at BallPlayer's Edge. 


Additionally, BPE's trainers are among a small group that recieved a stamp of approval from former and current professional players and coaches for their approach to technique training and player development. 



When it comes to hitting and pitching, there are hundreds of philosophies that coaches and trainers use.  This can be very confusing to the athletes and parents when trying to figure out if the suggested technique or training advice will improve game performance.  At BallPlayer's Edge, we narrow it down to two philosophies...the Right Way vs the Wrong Way.  


We believe that seeing is believing and we make sure every athlete understands their strengths and weaknesses during the initial video analysis.  The main focus is body positioning with proper rhythm and timing.  BPE's instructors develop unique drills to improve these positions and the athlete learns how to feel the right way vs the wrong way so that they can become their own coach.  With enough repetitions, the athlete can now think less and rely on muscle memory and reaction on game day.  


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