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Randy Nathan

Coach Randy has over twenty-five years experience working with student athletes as an educator, athletic coach, international speaker, anti-bullying expert, camp director and professional life coach. He is internationally known as the Teen Coach and is the anti-bullying expert for Fox’s Good Day NY. He earned his BA from the University of Colorado in sociology and education, an MA in Executive Non-Profit Management from Hebrew Union College and an MSW from the University of Southern California.  He is the President/CEO of Project NextGen and the Mental Training/Life Coach for the Rutgers-Newark baseball team.


Coach Randy engages student athletes, parents, coaches and teams by inspiring and motivating them to achieve their goals, while teaching them valuable strategies to overcome the obstacles and challenges they encounter. Coach Randy’s first book, “Bullying in Sports: The Injuries We Don’t See” is published by Pearson Education and available in the BPE store at a discounted price. 


Coach Randy is the founder and creator of the Ballplayer’s EDGE Code, Peak Performance Coaching, The Five-Star Coach, The Positive Parent Program, Teen Life Coach Training, Career JumpStart, and Workforce 2.0; compelling empowerment programs that foster better choices, increased confidence and self-esteem, enhanced motivation, and greater sense of direction. (Click here for more on his programs)

He works with teams, schools, camps, parents, corporations and government agencies throughout the country.


His hands-on approach coupled with his background, education and training, has proven to be extremely beneficial. His sense of humor, sensitivity and contagious enthusiasm stimulate and motivate individuals of all ages. Coach Randy is married to Jessa and has four children.


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