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At Ballplayer’s Edge, we take pride in the development of our baseball and softball players.  Our unique training technique sets us apart from other training facilities and has caught the eyes of top level athletes in our area. It has also caught the eyes of coaches and former professional players who are looking to develop their own young players.


There are many facilities in our area and also

hundreds of different hitting and pitching 

philosophies. It’s easy to get confused trying

to figure out what technique fits best. This can

be frustrating for the athlete as they will always

wonder if they are training the best way for

their needs.


At BPE, we get rid of any confusion with our professional video analysis. Our unique philosophy goes over body positioning and the right timing and rhythm it takes to get into these positions. Without proper positioning and timing, no athlete can swing or throw how a coach wants them to. We take a step by step approach to teaching the proper sequence of the swing or pitch from start to finish. With video analysis as a training tool, the athlete and instructor can easily see the right way vs. the wrong way.


Teaching Hitting


“Hitting” and “teaching hitting” are two very different skills. All good hitters know what it feels like to swing the bat well but that doesn’t mean they know exactly what they are doing or how to deliver information to a student. What a player thinks he or she is doing and what he or she is actually doing can be very different.


BPE uses instant visual feedback that can improve everyone’s coaching ability by providing a means for better communication between the coach and student. 


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