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Ballplayer's Edge offers a variety of classes that meet one, two, or three times a week.  Check out the classes we currently offer.


GTE Pitching Class - Gaining the Edge pitching classes gives each athlete a chance to work with Garrett Berger in a semi-private environmnent.  GTE pitching classes are designed for pitchers to improve efficiency through proper pitching mechanics, get arms ready for the upcoming season, and learn about injury prevention.


Extreme Edge Performance Training For Pitchers - Without proper strength and conditioning, pitchers increase chances of being ineffective and become injured.   The Extreme Edge performance program will be implementing parts of the Kinetic Pitching Program(KPP) to increase strength, velocity, and prevent arm injuries. 


Extreme Edge Performance Training For Hitters - The Extreme Edge Performance Training for Hitters is designed to build functional baseball strength through the work of athletic performance and to work on those necessary hitting skills. 


Key Areas of Training

  • Rotational strength

  • Core Strength and Endurance

  • Upper and Lower Extremity Strength and Power

  • Overload and Underload Bat Speed Training

  • Flexibility


With proper strength, conditioning, and bat speed testing, hitters increase chances of being effective in game situations.  In addition, players build confidence and comfortability to become consistent.   


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