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Our 7 Day Program for Baseball & Softball Players:


7 Day Edge is a unique program that can turn you into the hitter you always wanted to be.  In our 7 day program, each athlete will be taught professional hitting techniques used by almost every professional player.  And a certified trainer will show proven methods to increase bat speed and power.  All instruction is one-on-one and can last for up to 90 minutes for 7 straight days or as quickly as time will allow.  


Day 1 consists of a video analysis to show technique and how improvements can be made.  A bat speed radar will be used to test the speed of the bat as well as ball exit speed (How fast the ball travels off the bat).  Then, training the proper swing sequence will conclude day 1.   At the end of the 7 days, the hitter will have mastered the proper technique and training methods that all the great hitters use.  

What will I get with 7 Day Edge?

  • Detailed face to face video analysis 

  • Bat speed and power analysis

  • Unique drills to create muscle memory

  • Proven methods to increase bat speed & power

  • Before & After video analysis

  • Before & After bat speed and power results

  • Emailed copy of analysis and results

How Long Will it Take for the Player to Learn the Edge Hitting Technique?

With the unique 7 Day Edge program the player is taught quickly, easily, and correctly.  Our professional video analysis software will be used for before, during, and after videos.  This will help to visually show progress and increase the player’s confidence.  And the parents and players will see that their hard earned money is showing tangible results.

The player will quickly be shown unique drills to emphasize the proper swing sequence and correct timing and positioning of the entire body.


What Type of Follow Up is Needed Once the Program is Completed?

* Once the program is completed there is no need to come back for lessons 1 or 2 times a week as with normal packages.  

* We do recommend half hour follow up or refresher lessons to stay on top of your technique, but this is strictly optional.

* Every player will have mastered the basic core movements upon completion.     Guaranteed!

* Players 12 years of age or younger may or may not have enough control over their motor coordination to perform every movement perfectly or consistently.  We definitely recommend more consistent refresher sessions for this age group.

That' right!  You get 2.5 months worth of lessons packed into 7 Days!  Do you want to make the quickest improvements to your technique with sustainable bat speed and power?  Then 7 Day Edge is for you!


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