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In an effort to maintain the success of Ballplayer’s Edge we have joined together with the Morris Athletic Club (MAC).  In partnering we feel that we are able to bring our dedication, commitment to greatness and knowledge to a wider variety of athletes.  While there will be some new faces around the facility; you can take comfort in knowing the Ballplayer’s Edge staff, baseball and softball training styles, and family atmosphere.  

We'd also like to take this time to announce the reintroduction of the Titans at Ballplayer's Edge.  The MAC Titans will serve as our in-house Baseball and Softball club teams.  The MAC Titans will debut this summer and we are seeking Baseball and Softball players at all age groups.  Anyone with questions or interest should direct their inquires to

Thank you for your continued support,

BPE Management and Staff

BPE-Hanover 973-998-6580

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